Rankin Steel & Rigging Gold Coast – Worksite Safety and How We Ensure It

Rankin Steel & Rigging Gold Coast is your go-to partner for all your steel construction projects. We provide a wide range of services, including steel fabrication, steel erection, Gold Coast crane hire, truck hire, scissor lift hire, licensed riggers & dogmen, hot dip galvanising, labour hire, onsite welding and pre cast panel erection. We put great emphasis on safety throughout all our services and we are strict on safety compliance for all cranes and equipment.

Who Are We?

Rankin Steel & Rigging was established in 1984 working out of our yard at 21 Sinclair Street, Arundel. In 2013 we demolished the old office and built a factory with a steel fabrication workshop which includes upstairs and downstairs offices.

As a steel fabrication Gold Coast and Crane Hire company, we take pride in the quality of the services that we offer. We follow all Australian Safety Standards, with all required WHS policies & procedures in place in the workshop, on site and with our cranes. All employees abide by our strict company policies, alongside our own rules and regulations so your job is completed 100% safely and effectively.

Safety is the no.1 priority across all our services – read on and find out how the highest safety standards are implemented in a company such as Rankin Steel & Rigging Gold Coast.Crane Hire Gold Coast

Why Safety is So Important at Rankin Steel & Rigging Gold Coast

Many of the crane or work site accidents you hear about are caused by:
– Lack of experience with specific crane models;
– The crane not being secured correctly;
– Equipment not being level to the ground;
– The ground not being stable enough to support the crane’s weight;
– Attempts to manipulate an object that is beyond the crane’s capacity;
– Not using safeguards that prevent tipping;
– Ignoring adverse weather conditions.

Failing to utilise the services of a professional crane operator and supplier can result in accidents with severe consequences. Consequences may include property loss/damage, injury and even death. A lot of things can go wrong when you overlook safety and you will likely end up suffering the consequences on various levels: legal, financial, and reputation.

Professional services such as crane hire Brisbane are the best option for your project as you will benefit from both safety and a high standard of work.
We ensure safety throughout our services by focusing on the following three main pillars:

Safety Compliance at Rankin Steel & Rigging Gold Coast

At Rankin Steel & Rigging Gold Coast we ensure safety across all our services, from fabrication to crane hire. We carry out out frequent maintenance and inspections for all cranes, as well as making sure that we fully align with all Queensland Workplace Health and Safety standards.

Providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors, and anyone visiting working sites is our moral and legal responsibility. We ensure that our company’s operations do not generate injury, illness, or property damage risk to the local community.

Our safety philosophy includes the following values:
– Safety first, work second;
– Everyone is responsible for safety;
– Injuries can be prevented.

Our policy applies to all situations in which employees are working on or off site.

In order to create a safe work environment, we have documented procedures and instructions, we provide detailed instruction and training to people on work sites, we ensure the safe use, storage, and transportation of substances we use, and we provide well-maintained equipment, including protection equipment.
In order to meet our health and safety objectives, we regularly monitor and assess our company’s performance.

Safety Certificates

Our steel erectors Brisbane staff are highly qualified with various tickets, ranging from Tower Crane, Self-Erector, to Open Mobile Crane Operators.
We have all the current insurances and WorkCover certificates to provide sense of security, so you know that all work will be completed to the highest standards.


Lift planning and site inspections form a crucial part of our operations, ensuring a safe working environment for our staff and all others on site. All cranes hold current crane safe certification, and all maintenance records are available on request. Rankin Steel site-specific Safe Work Method Statements are key in ensuring a safe working environment, regardless of the nature or extent of the service being provided.

How We Do It

There are numerous measures we take to ensure the safety of steel fabrication Gold Coast operations and other services. Here are some examples of how we take care to ensure complete safety on our worksites:

Assigning Different Safety Responsibilities When it Comes to Operating and Maintaining Cranes

There are different roles regarding the safety of crane operation, and each role is covered by a trained and competent employee/contractor:
– Crane designer, manufacturer, and supplier;
– Owner of crane;
– Inspector of crane;Rankin Steel & Rigging Gold Coast
– Crane operator.

Crane Risk Management Practices

We use a systematic process for managing crane-related risks:
– Identifying hazards;
– Assessing risks;
– Controlling risks through control measures that are reasonably practicable;
– Reviewing control measures to make sure they produce the expected results.

Identifying Safety Hazards at Rankin Steel & Rigging Gold Coast

Importantly, we carefully observe the workplace to determine how cranes interact with other equipment, pedestrians, and structures such as electrical lines. Therefore enabling us to maintain a constant and transparent communication channel with our employees. Allowing us to identify crane-relates issues as soon as possible. The early identification of risk hazards applies to operation, maintenance, inspection, repair, and storage. We look at risks such as structural failure, overturning, crane collapse, falling objects, contact between the crane and its load, and collision with nearby structures.

Selecting Our Cranes Carefully

We keep the following factors in mind when selecting our fleet:

– Crane life cycle;

– Crane operation period;
– Frequency of use;
– The conditions under which we will be using our cranes;
– The maximum load that cranes are likely to bear;
– Easiness of access points (footholds, ladders, steps);
– Comfort and back support provided by the crane’s seat;
– Visibility (mirror, window designs);
– Environmental aspects that prevent worker stress (heat, noise levels).

Offering Crane Hire Consultancy

Initially, we talk with our customers about their crane hire needs so we are able to recommend the piece of equipment that suits them best. Ensuring the right Gold Coast crane hire equipment contributes to your staff’s safety and ensures job completion in a cost-effective manner.

Rankin Steel & Rigging Gold Coast Get the Crane Ready for your Job

At Rankin Steel & Rigging Gold Coast we don’t simply deploy our equipment to your job site and call it a day. Firstly, before the actual work begins, we carry out a list of procedures to make sure your crane or equipment is in tip top condition – ready for use:
– Performing major inspection for mobile and tower cranes;
– Performing regular inspection and testing;
– Assessing workplace factors such as weather conditions and ground load bearing capacity;
– Entrusting installation and commissioning activities to a trained and skilled person;
– Assembling crane components in the correct sequence;
– Calibrating limit and load indication devices;
– Checking crane stability;
– Ensuring safe entry to and exit from the crane.

Setting up Emergency Plans

An emergency plan is necessary even if you never need to implement it. Therefore, we test our emergency plans at the job site and design emergency procedures in advance. These include effective response, evacuation, and notifying emergency services. We provide emergency response training to all workers ensuring they know the steps to take if an emergency situation arises.

Ensuring High-risk Work Licences

The Safe Work Australia framework describes the multiple high-risk work licence types required; All Rankin employees hold the necessary licenses for their job roles.
If you have a big construction project ahead and are looking to complete it 100% safely and effectively? Contact Ranking Steel & Rigging Gold Coast today for Gold Coast crane hire, steel erectors Brisbane and a variety of other services to meet your needs.