Gold Coast Steel Fabrication – What You Need to Know

Steel fabrication plays a vital role in today’s world. Steel products like the ones produced by Gold Coast steel fabrication companies such as ours are everywhere, from the buildings we live in to the automobiles we drive. Whether you work in an industry that uses steel as a raw material or you just enjoy its numerous applications in your every day life, you will be amazed by the complexity of steel fabrication and everything it involves.

What is Steel Fabrication?

The work of steel fabricators makes it possible for us to enjoy the benefits of this strong, versatile, and valuable construction material.

Steel fabrication includes the fabrication and welding service processes needed to transform structural steel into products used for construction and industrial applications. Structural steel fabrication consists of bending, cutting, and shaping steel to make a product. It is essential for buildings and construction as it delivers items that can be used in constructions or an assembly.

Steel fabrication requires skilled and experienced workers who know how to use raw components to convert them to products. The structural steel fabrication process includes the following steps:


The first part of structural steel fabrication consists of cutting high-grade steel using tools such as plasma torches, laser cutters, or water jets.


The alloy is bent by hammering or with machine assistance. The choice of the bending option depends on the type of project.


The moulded parts are eventually assembled to form complete structures, either through welding or binding. Welding is done by applying heat to the steel parts to join them together, while binding consists of joining steel parts together with adhesives.

The three steps described above are a simpler perspective on steel fabrication. In reality, a good steel fabricator has to complete multiple steps, including:

  • Ideation – starting to create the steel design based on client requirements;
  • Drawing creation – drawing up blueprints using specialised engineering software;Steel Fabrication Gold Coast
  • Converting blueprints into shop drawings – what the manufacturer uses to make the blueprint become reality;
  • Cutting and drilling steel beams – steel beams are cut and drilled according to project blueprints using a variety of equipment;
  • Piece etching – etching each piece with a unique part number and plate location;
  • Assembling components – the team welds and assembles pieces together according to order specifications;
  • Custom part machination – custom parts to fit a specific project;
  • Complete assembly – this step ensures all parts of the order are functioning;
  • Shipping preparation – the project is disassembled and prepared for direct shipping;
  • Finishing – applying special finishes like special paint, powder coat, or sandblasting;
  • Projecting ships to site – at this step, the metal fabricator needs to ensure the project arrives on time;
  • Erection of final project – when the components arrive, the build team erects the final project.

What does a Steel Fabricator do?

Using steel for building and industrial applications would not be possible without the involvement of skilled metal work fabrication Gold Coast workers. Responsibilities of a metal fabricator depend on the type of finished products they help create – automobile, aircraft, electronic devices, etc. Typical responsibilities of a steel fabricator include reading and interpreting blueprints, cutting metal, aligning and welding metal, performing quality control, etc. They also need to be comfortable using machinery that automates the steel fabrication processes.

Steel fabricator qualifications

It is possible to complete training on the job, but many metal fabricators receive training at a trade school. They study blueprint reading, metal and steel fabrication, welding techniques, and safety regulations.

Steel fabricator skills

The most sought-after skills include: good dexterity, math skills, mechanical skills, physical stamina, and being organised. They must be able to work in a dangerous and noisy environment, where protective clothing and hearing protection are mandatory.

Uses of Gold Coast Steel Fabrication:

Steel is one of the most widely-used construction materials due to benefits such as versatility, quality, value, and strength. Structural steel fabrication produces items such as:

  • Pipe racks
  • Universal columns and beams
  • Ladders
  • Trusses
  • Grating
  • Steel stairs
  • Bar joists
  • Skids
  • Platforms

Buildings and infrastructure

More than half of the steel produced annually goes into buildings and infrastructure such as bridges. Not all steel used in buildings is the same; this sector uses multiple products, such as reinforcing bars, sheet products, and structural sections. Steel also goes into HVAC systems and items like stairs, rails, and shelving.Steel Erection Gold Coast

Mechanical equipment

Steel is used to produce parts for tractors, cranes, bulldozers, hand tools, and various other types of machinery.


To produce a car it takes almost 1 tonne of steel. It is used in the car body, the drive train and the suspension. 60% of a modern car’s body is made of steel.

Appliances and electrical equipment

All the appliances that make our life easy use steel in their motors or body – refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, etc. Electrical equipment used for the production and distribution of electricity needs steel for various items sch as generators, electric motors, steel-reinforced cables and others.

Less known applications of steel

You wouldn’t expect to find steel in the following items, however this material is particularly good for:

  • Brewing recipients for coffee, beer, and tea;
  • Computer casing;
  • Stainless steel soap bars that neutralise strong odours from your hands;
  • Musical instruments.

What are the Benefits of using Steel?

Strength and durability

Steel can support huge amounts of weight and harsh weather conditions. It is stronger than concrete and usually comes with a warranty, notably steel will resist even hazards that can cause damage to other materials in a building, such as fire.

Easy to customise

Metal fabrication Gold Coast industry has developed fast also due to this material’s ability to adapt to a wide range of designs.


Steel fabrication reduces CO2 emissions and is a popular choice among businesses deciding to go green. Moreover, it can be recycled multiple times without losing its qualities. Steel can also block out environmental pollutants and  create a healthier workplace.


Using steel in buildings is cost-effective and delivers a high return on investment because it doesn’t need to be replaced for decades. Steel is lighter than other types of framing and is therefore cheaper to transport.

Excellent aesthetics

The wide range of finish options and minimalist appearance make steel an attractive material to use.

Why use Rankin Steel & Rigging?

In conclusion, no matter what your steel fabrication needs are, Rankin Steel & Rigging can assist and provide you with high-quality finished products. We provide steel fabrication, onsite welding, cranes and labour hire – all you need for your project in one!

Along with metal fabrication Gold Coast services, we offer a wide range of other associated services:Metal Fabrication Gold Coast

  • Steel erection
  • Crane hire
  • Truck hire
  • Scissor lift hire
  • Licensed riggers and dogmen
  • Hot dip galvanising
  • Onsite welding
  • Pre cast panel erection

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