Benefits of Mobile Cranes over Tower Cranes

The role of cranes is to lift heavy loads using cable and pulley systems. They play a vital part in constructions as they enable workers to move materials at different heights. We would not be mistaken if we said that cranes are the most important mechanism on construction sites. The life of labourers has become a lot safer and easier due to services such as mobile crane hire, and the use of such equipment has sped up the completion of construction projects.

There is always a specific crane recommended to complete a job, from erecting residential and commercial buildings to building bridges and roads. Cranes are also used in industries such as mining, marine, and civil aviation.

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Main Types of Cranes

We have come a long way since the first cranes were invented by ancient Greeks around 515 BC. Today, the variety of available cranes is so immense that it can be difficult to choose the right crane for your job. Getting the right type of crane is necessary to avoid delays and budget issues.

There are two main categories of cranes: mobile and fixed, and each includes multiple types of equipment:

Mobile cranes

They are mounted on crawlers or tires to provide greater mobility than fixed cranes.

  • Carry deck crane

These have evolved from the older pick and carry model of the 1980s. The carry deck crane is one of the most portable cranes because they can rotate to a full 360 degrees. They are recommended for confined spaces due to their small size and versatility.

  • Crawler crane

This type of crane uses tracks instead of wheels, which recommends it for soft/uneven terrain. The downside is the limitation in turning capacity.

  • Floating crane

Floating cranes are used for projects on the sea such as ports and oil rigs due to their ability to work in water.

  • Rough terrain crane

The rough terrain crane is equipped with four rubber tires and a four-wheel drive to make them suitable for pick and carry operations on rough terrain.

  • Truck-mounted crane

The main advantage of the truck-mounted crane is its ability to travel on the highway. Their unique build consists of the carrier (the truck) and the boom (the arm).

Fixed cranes

As their name suggests, fixed cranes are fixed in one location or spot. They need to be brought in and assembled at the job site. Their lack of mobility is compensated by their ability to lift heavy loads and reach greater heights. Fixed cranes include a range of equipment types as well:

  • Bridge/overhead crane

Typically used for industrial projects, these cranes provide increased stability and efficiency. They are called this way due to resembling a bridge supported by two steel beams.

  • Bulk-handling crane

These cranes equipped with a large grabbing-like mechanism are used for lifting and moving bulk cargo such as coal and minerals.

  • Hammerhead crane

The hammerhead crane is one of the most commonly-used cranes due to their racking or ability for the trolley to move back and forth. This type of crane is extremely heavy and is assembled at the job site.

  • Stacker crane

The forklift-like mechanism of stacker cranes makes them very useful in warehouse storage. They replace human workers in places with difficult working conditions, such as extremely low temperatures.

  • Telescopic cranes

These cranes feature a boom or arm using a hydraulic cylinder to change their length (like a telescope). Telescopic cranes are often mounted on trucks to be transported to and from worksites.

With their elegant design, these cranes are found at construction sites of tall buildings as they offer outstanding lifting capabilities. Unlike other cranes, they are built along with the building, growing at the same pace. When the project is completed, the process is reversed.

Why Mobile Cranes Instead of Tower Cranes

No matter how impressive tower cranes are, this type of equipment is rarely the best choice for small or medium construction projects. Mobile cranes are often preferred to tower cranes due to being easily available through Gold Coast crane hire and offering a large number of benefits. Here are some solid reasons to look for a mobile crane to hire as the best solution for your job:

  • Can be easily hired

Hiring a crane can be a more sensible decision for most users as a crane will be necessary occasionally or on a project basis. Owning a fixed crane rarely makes sense, and mobile cranes are easily available through mobile crane hire.

  • Mobility

The advantage of placing the crane where you need it the most or where you have available space is huge, especially when space is limited at your construction site.

  • Easy to set up

All cranes need to be set up at the job site. A truck with crane hire has the advantage of being installed in a very short period of time. This speeds up your project while also keeping your costs low.

  • Good lifting capacity

There is a common misconception that you need a fixed crane for large weights. Truth is that some mobile crane models can lift up to 220 tonnes due to their stable axles and innovative hydraulic lifting systems.

  • Saving money

Calling to mobile crane hire services only when you need them will save a lot of money. Mobile cranes do not require time and skilled workers for setup and can reach your site as a roadworthy vehicle.

  • Reduced downtime

If a tower crane has a malfunction, repairs can take a large amount of time, bringing your entire project to a halt. A mobile crane problem is quickly solved by the Gold Coast crane hire company quickly bringing other equipment at the job site.

  • Easy to manoeuvre

Mobile cranes have increased agility and can serve multiple purposes at the same spot. They are suitable for confined spaces and projects in high-density areas while also providing excellent lifting capacity.

  • Coming with skilled and trained operators

Owning a fixed crane means you will also have to handle the workforce needed to operate it. Mobile crane hire commonly includes skilled and trained operators that can ensure excellent performance and safe crane operation.

Rankin Steel and Rigging can offer crane hire from 10 ton to 80 and we also have a 16-meter reach crane truck. Crane Safety & Maintenance is a major priority with Rankin Steel & Rigging all our cranes comply with all Government safety standards each crane carries log book and work method statements.

Mobile Crane Hire

Who We Are?

Rankin Steel & Rigging was established in 1984 working out of our yard at 21 Sinclair Street, Arundel. In 2013 we demolished the old office & built a factory with a steel fabrication workshop which includes upstairs & downstairs offices.

Gold Coast steel fabrication and Crane Hire company – Rankin Steel & Rigging – pride themselves on the quality of service they offer, they follow all Australian Safety Standards, WHS policies & procedures are all in place in the workshop, on site & with their cranes. All employees abide by their strict company policies, rules & regulations.

What we can do for you

Rankin Steel & Rigging is your one-stop shop for construction projects as we offer a variety of complementary services:

  • Steel fabrication
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  • Crane hire
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  • Licensed riggers and dogmen
  • Hot dip galvanising
  • Labour hire
  • Onsite welding
  • Pre-cast panel erection

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