How Hiring a Scissor Lift Can Make your Job Easier!

Aerial work platforms are being used in a variety of industries, such as construction and building maintenance, safety inspections, window washing and repair, orchard work, electrical line repair, tree care work, special event and entertainment work, sporting events, and indoor retail areas and warehouses.  If you own a business or are employed in any of these industries, you could be in searching for hire scissor lift equipment Gold Coast. A reliable scissor lift company should guide you with choosing the right piece of equipment, but until making that phone call read this post to find out more about aerial work platforms and their uses.

What are scissor lifts and what types are there?

H Hire Scissor Lift Equipment Gold Coast Rankin Steel and RiggingAccording to the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia, a scissor lift is “A work platform which can only move in the vertical plane on which personnel, equipment and materials may be elevated to perform work”.

There are five main types of scissor lift platforms:

  • Hydraulic scissor lift

Used both inside and outside, hydraulic scissor lift work due to hydraulic liquid being pushed or drained from cylinder to cylinder. They are found in warehouses, construction sites, and infrastructure projects.

  • Diesel scissor lift

Powered by traditional diesel engines, these pieces of equipment are noisy and emit fumes. Diesel scissor lifts are used outdoors or in well-ventilated indoor spaces where engine noise is not disrupting communication between staff.

  • Electrical scissor lift

The electrical scissor lift is powered by electrical engines and is more environmentally-friendly. They are ideal for indoor operation as they do not exhaust emissions.

  • Rough terrain scissor lift

The high power of these scissor lifts makes them suitable for operation in tough outdoor environments. They are powered by diesel or petrol to provide the necessary power.

  • Pneumatic scissor lift

Pneumatic scissor lifts are air powered with no electrical or hydraulics. They use air pressure to raise and lower the platform, which makes them environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

What kinds of jobs can you use scissor lifts for?

Many modern jobs would be very difficult or even impossible to do without using a scissor lift. This amazing piece of equipment makes it possible to safely work at heights in multiple industries, including the following:

  • Building maintenance

Many building tasks require working high in the air: changing lights, laying bricks, accessing utilities, and pouring concrete. A scissor lift can be moved from one place to another and enables workers to complete tasks safely.

  • Production

Aerial platforms enable production workers to quickly and safely reach heights in environments such as food processing, chemical processing, and manufacturing.

  • Warehousing

Using scissor lifts in warehouses makes it possible to store and access items in otherwise inaccessible areas. With scissor lifts, every inch of space is used efficiently.

What licenses/ qualifications do you need to be able to use them?

Even if scissor lifts make the life of workers easier, they are no toys and not anyone can operate them safely. The following license/qualification is required to operate a scissor lift in Queensland:

  • RIIHAN301E – Operate Elevating Work Platform

The course is recognised and accepted throughout Australia. Course duration is 1 day (approximately 8 hours). This course is designed for operators of platforms that are not classified as requiring high risk work license and are under 11 m tall.

Participants are provided with skills and knowledge to operate elevating work platforms that are transferable to any EWP under 11m. Competent students receive a card detailing the unit of competency and the class of machines they were trained and assessed in.

Some of the skills taught at this course are:

  • Access, interpret and apply elevating work platforms documentation and ensure the work activity is compliant
  • Perform pre-start and post-start inspections/checks
  • Place tools and equipment into bucket/platform
  • Carry out minor operator maintenance to manufacturer’s instructions and site requirements
  • Process written records
  • Clear work area and reuse, recycle or dispose of materials

What safety precautions do you need to be aware of?

Hire Scissor Lift Equipment Gold CoastEven if scissor lift hire Gold Coast enables you to work safely at heights, this doesn’t mean your safety is 100% guaranteed without your being aware of your surroundings and actions. Having a license for operating a scissor lift will teach valuable safety principles, such as:

  • Inspect the site and the scissor lift before you begin using the machine;
  • When operating outdoors, only use the aerial work platform in good weather conditions;
  • Bring the platform down when moving the scissor lift from one place to another;
  • Don’t use the scissor lift on uneven surfaces or near electrical power sources;
  • Never overload the platform beyond its capacity;
  • Keep both your feet firmly planted inside the platform;
  • Keep non-personnel away from the workplace;
  • Set the breaks before using the aerial work platform to ensure extra stability.

Why should you hire instead of buy a scissor lift?

Scissor lifts are so handy and useful that many companies wish they had one in their yard. However, there is a long distance between owning a piece of equipment and using it effectively. Like with all heavy equipment that requires maintenance and skilled operators, scissor lifts are better when you hire them. The main reasons to use scissor lift hire Gold Coast are:

  • Renting is more cost-effective than owning

A scissor lift is more work and responsibility than a standard ladder. Such equipment costs exorbitant amounts of money, and smaller companies and start-ups that use them just occasionally have no good reason to own them.

  • No maintenance

When purchasing equipment, you should also consider the costs of ongoing maintenance. Repairs and servicing can add a lot to your monthly expenses, while when you hire scissor lift equipment Gold Coast, maintenance is the responsibility of the rental company.

  • A wiser option for short and occasional use

What do you do with a scissor lift when the project is completed? Machinery that sits idle for most of the year is a financial loss as the return in investment is low and the equipment slowly degrades when not being used.

  • Using the latest equipment

Scissor lift hire Gold Coast companies have a wide range of scissor lift available, including the latest models, so you can choose the one that suits your project needs better.

What should you know before hiring?

Have you decided to hire scissor lift equipment Gold Coast? There are still several things to know before contacting the rental company or giving them a phone call:

  • Choose a scissor lift that can take a little more weight that what you want to lift;
  • Will you need the scissor lift inside or outside? If you will be using it inside, you will most likely need an electrical scissor lift;
  • The scissor lift needs to be operated by qualified personnel – rental companies usually provide trained and qualified personnel that can operate the equipment safely;
  • Ask for the maintenance records of the equipment and inspect it before putting the scissor lift at work;
  • Choose a platform that fits in the available space, but remember that wider platforms allow for better access and require less repositioning during the job;
  • Read the contract before making a commitment; in case something goes wrong, you want to be covered;
  • Work with a reputable company – seek referrals before closing the deal and at least make an online research before choosing a scissor lift hire Gold Coast

Looking to hire scissor lift equipment Gold Coast? Rankin Steel & Rigging has its own scissor lift and can also provide other scissor lifts or booms lifts if required. Scissor lift safety & maintenance is a major priority with Gold Coast Crane Hire Services. All our equipment complies with all Government safety standards and each crane and scissor lift carry log book and work method statements. Get in touch with us on our website or at 07 5537 9387!